Monday, December 3, 2012

Support Local Artisans!

Iggy's Breads, A Great Local Artisan
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Artichokes are one of those ingredients that I have a hard time resisting. It tastes fantastic on just about everything: pizza, pasta, in a dip, by itself and yes, on sandwiches!

A couple weeks ago I dropped by the Copley Square farmers market as it only ran until November 20th and won't return until May. I debated whether or not to write a review on this sandwich considering that the Copley market is closed but I discovered this particular artisan's products are available at other great local businesses, and deserves the props!

Anyway, I was milling around Copley Square and stumbled upon the Iggy's Bread stand. As aforementioned, I cannot resist artichokes so I decided to try their tomato and artichoke sandwich.

The produce was all organic, including the tomatoes, cilantro and red onion. The artichokes were part of a spread, so they were roasted, diced and paired with olive oil. I was a little let down that the artichoke bits were so small, I was hoping for giant hunks but that doesn't mean this sandwich wasn't tasty! Of course I especially appreciated the smoked sharp cheddar but the best part was actually the bread. Those great peeps at Iggy's Breads really do know how to make a great loaf. It was dense, fresh, flavorful and really the showcase of the experience. Which makes sense, considering that's the artisan's specialty is rich, delicious freshly made baked breads.

Bostonians, go support your local artisans and businesses by purchasing breads from Iggy distributors, you won't be disappointed!

Where you can get Iggy's Breads from:

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