Monday, December 10, 2012

The End is Falafel

The Last Yay Pickle Review
 Brought to you by Canada.

Thank you readers, followers, friends, foodies, for following Yay Pickle these last few months! Our semester is coming to a close and we present our analysis on Yay Pickle tomorrow, which means this is the final review! We’ve had some tasty sandwiches and have enjoyed this project and thank you so much for being a part of it!

Now enough of that, let’s talk food.

Right on the corner of Washington and Stuart Street there’s Boston Kitchen Pizza.  I walk by it everyday and the only time I ever stopped by was to ask them to put up a poster of a cultural event the nonprofit I work for was hosting that weekend. The menu was pretty extensive, it was clean and the food smelled great but I was turned off by the fact they had Pepsi products instead of Coke. I’m a Texan, that actually super matters.  But the other day I wanted to grab something close to the office and needed a break from banh mi, so I waltzed into Boston Kitchen Pizza and ordered their small falafel wrap.


It was also delicious. My god was it delicious. The “pita” was in fact made from pizza dough, so it was chewy, a tad sweet and just wonderful. Oh my. The falafels were crispy, but not too dry and they included ample tahini. The vegetables were pretty fresh, and the tomatoes were cut into giant hunks, rather than the small little diced squares you get other places. The pita was just SO GOOD. I could only muster eating half during lunch, but spent the rest of the day salivating thinking about eating the other half when I got home for dinner. The best falafel I’ve had in the city goes to Amsterdam Café over in Somerville, but this falafel comes in as one of the tops I’ve had just below Amsterdam.  Although it ended up being far less healthy than I wanted for a falafel lunch, it was well worth the extra calorie intake.

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