Saturday, December 1, 2012

Diesel Cafe Pt 2

Well maybe it’s not a sandwich but it’s on the sandwich menu on the Diesel Cafe so we’re going with it. The Tempeh Burger is a soft Tempeh patty with swiss, avocado, and salsa on a brioche. Joycie and I were working on a dreadful finance project so we opted for take out (aka, I made Joyce buy me lunch).

This was fairly fantastic. Tempeh tends to be pretty still and oaty but this was definitely of a better quality. Maybe it was the takeout that let it steam a bit, maybe it was meant to be that way, but it was great. The swiss kept it glued together and the toppings made it a fiesta in my face. I wish I had a good Hot Grillo’s pick on the side but this was a-okay in my book.

It was the right price and I would recommend to anyone in the Davis Sq area. Woot!

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