Meet the Yay Pickle! Team

Well, hello there.

Would you like to meet the closeted fat kids who eat all these sandwiches and write all these words?
Well go ahead then, read about some of the hungriest, quirkiest people Boston has to offer.
Go on then, Read.

Meet Michelle AKA the Canadian Club

If you couldn’t guess from the nickname, this sandwich aficionado is originally from Canada but lived in Austin, Texas for a few years where she learned how to be a foodie and snub her nose at sub par noms. 

Things you should know about Michelle:
-She has only been in Boston for a year
-She’s a vegetarian with an unhealthy obsession with cheese and caffeine
-She really likes beer. Real beer. Not gross lite ‘beers’ that were once real beer and then someone drank them, pissed them out and mass produced them to people without taste
-She has really nice hair
-There’s a good chance she’s actually a robot designed to continuously produce surly comments

This is Mike! Or call him MikeAwesome

MikeAwesome is clearly the most humble member of the Yay Pickle! team. He's also pretty freaking tall and by far our toughest critic. Mike is also the musically inclined member of our group and plays in a local Boston band. They're pretty good. You know when people are like, "oh come see my friend's band play. They're soooo great!" And then you get there and they were a step below the noises a horse makes when birthing a foal? Yeah, not these guys, they're actually quite talented.

Other things you should know about Mike:
-He is also a vegetarian
-He's an avid runner
-He is by far the most competent with technology out of the YayPickle operation
-His glasses have a real prescription in them

Meet Joyce, Our Swiss Miss

Joyce isn't as much Swiss as she is not Swiss. But she appreciates the cheese and their neutrality. Originally from Arlington, MASS our resident small fry is Yay Pickle's only carnivore but isn't a terrible person on the inside. She also has an impressive shoe collection. 

Things you should know about Joyce:
-Her husband is in a kick-ass band (ironically is a meat-eating hipster).
-She is not a Scientologist 

-She eats REALLY fast. She comes from a family of 12- if she didn't eat fast, she didn't eat

-She prefers no condiments on her sandwiches
-I'd just like to repeat that she is from a family OF TWELVE.

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