Friday, November 9, 2012

A Playwright That Has Nothing To Do With Theatre

The Playwright Bar South Boston

Brought to you by Canada

Off of East Broadway in South Boston this restaurant/bar not only has a decent amount of draught beers on tap but their food is pretty great, too.  After a long week of exams, assignments and projects I spent my Friday night in a happening little bar in Southie with my lovely friend, Lauren, and a Boston Police officer that I annoyed for about an hour and half with a constant slew of questions about his job and all that it entails. That evening I learned a lot about Boston's finest, ate some pretty great noms and irritated the piss out of someone I just met.

So the sandwich: DELICIOUS. As per usual, I was that person at the restaurant and asked them to alter another sandwich to fit with my whole vegetarian thing I’ve got going on. So instead of a chicken and pear panini, my sandwich consisted of the following:

-Melted Brie Cheese
-Tiny slivers of pear
-Sautéed spinach
-Herb aioli     

All toasted on rosemary ciabiatta bread, which was a pretty tasty carbohydrate in itself.

Much to my chagrin many restaurants that serve sandwiches with Brie tend to go easy on the amount that they include in the sandwich due to the naturally strong flavor of the cheese, but this establishment did not commit such a horrible atrocity. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the most powerful tasting Brie cheese I’ve had, but it definitely satisfied my cheese fix for the day. That’s right, the day.  People underestimate how much I love cheese- just last weekend half my grocery bill went to a wide variety of cheeses. Expensive cheeses. I’m in graduate school, I should be more responsible with my finances.

Anyway the herb aioli added a nice flavor, and of course condiments are almost always necessary on sandwiches to keep them from being dry and scratching the back of your throat.  Even though I love me some mayonnaise, too much of a condiment can really detract from a sandwich, but thankfully the Playwright didn’t go overboard with the aioli and the flavoring of the herbs was soft enough to compliment the rest of the sandwich rather than overpower the other ingredients.

The tiny slivers of raw pear added a nice, sweet flavor contrast to the rest of the savory sandwich, and additionally added a nice change in consistency from the softness of the brie/cooked spinach.  

Bottom Line: Even though the bar/restaurant was a wee bit loud for the likes of this old lady, the food was actually a lot better than I expected and I would recommend stopping by for a bite if you’re in Southie. Plus their coleslaw is pretty bitchin’

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