Monday, November 5, 2012

Dave's Fresh EVERYTHING!!

I don't know how many times I have walked by Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square and never stopped in.  I am not a huge pasta lover, or really Italian food in general, so assuming that pasta was all they served, I didn't give it a second thought. Then while looking for good sandwich shops around my house, Dave's came to the top of the list so I thought I would go in and give it a try.  As soon as I stepped foot in the door, I knew that I had just entered the greatest place on Earth. 

The shop looks small from the outside, but they maintain four different rooms with some of the most delicious food and groceries I had ever seen.  I mentioned before that I am not a big pasta eater, but entering the pasta room made me want to try every different kind of homemade pasta and sauce as well as the huge assortment of cheeses from around the world.  Another whole room is devoted to wine and beer, but not just any beer and wine will make it into this shop.  Dave's will only offer wine and beer that is not mass produced or widely available. There is also help available if you want to pair your wine with any of their fresh pasta.   The third room is groceries: fresh produce, imported cured meats, oils, blocks of chocolate, all of their homemade treats and more.

As tempted as I was, my mission in going was for a sandwich, which was in another room.  They had a wide array of signature sandwiches as well as the option to customize your own.  I went with their popular "smoky-spicy turkey" on ciabatta (recommended to me by the helpful man behind the counter).  Though they had a few tables to eat in, I took my sandwich to go.  The service was extremely fast, which was good because I could not wait to get home and eat.  When I got home and unwrapped this sandwich, I was intimidated by the size of it, not even sure I could bite into it as they are very generous with their portions.  I ended up only able to eat half of the sandwich, while saving the other half for dinner. 

The sandwich itself was delicous: spicy turkey, smoked mozzarella, red onion, dill pickle, chipotle aioli, and smoked tomato mayo.  Everything on this sandwich worked! You could taste the smokey mozzarella but immediately got hit with the spiciness of the turkely and aioli.  One of the best parts of the sandwich, in my opinion though, was the pickle; it was the kind of pickle that is still more cucumber than true pickle so tastes super fresh, which I love! 

Bottom line: This sandwich left me wanting to try every other sandwich on the menu, as well as all the other goodies they had to offer (even the pasta)!  So, even if you are not in the mood for a sandwich, Dave's Fresh Pasta is sure to have something you will love.

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