Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boston Common Coffee: Hip, Delish and Rude

A Review Brought to you by Canada

Boston Common Coffee DT Crossing Location
Just a couple weeks after I moved to Boston I was introduced to my now close friend, Tina, and through her I discovered Boston Common Coffee.  Tied with Diesel CafĂ© in Somerville for my favourite coffee shop, Boston Common Coffee is not only one of my favourites in Boston, but anywhere I have lived  (Don’t worry Austinites, Bennu is still number one). Boston Common Coffee offers a trendy, hip vibe, delicious coffee and pretty great food, too.  The spinach feta croissant is my go-to menu option, and I literally have never had better soup in the Northeast than the delicious, unique varieties that they sell (potato asparagus anyone?). But this is a review on sandwiches, not delicious soups, coffees, lattes, croissants or heath bar cookies.

My lovely friend Kelsey

Right before Thanksgiving my other delightfully fantastic friend, Kelsey, and I stopped by the Washington Street location of Boston Common Coffee for a late lunch. Since I have a sandwich blog I opted for a wrap to review, rather than indulging in their sweet potato bisque.  I ended up of course going for their veggie wrap, because I don’t nom on critters. Served on a whole wheat wrap this rolled-up pile of delicious consisted of cucumber, red peppers, green peppers, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, avocado and a balsamic vinaigrette.  It also came with a little mixed green side salad topped with the same vinaigrette on the wrap. 

Overall I enjoyed the menu item I chose— it was light, fresh, healthy and pretty tasty. All of the vegetables were rotting grossness free and the velvety balsamic vinaigrette offered a complex flavoring of sweet and sour elements that paired nicely with the array of fresh vegetables. My only complaint with the sandwich lay in the amount of vinaigrette used- it was a little too much as it was dripping everywhere and left puddles at the bottom of my plate. Although I obviously enjoyed the taste of vinaigrette, it was just a bit too much and detracted from the ease of eating the wrap. 

Boston Common Coffee is a great place to get coffee, breakfast, snacks, lunch etc. and I highly recommend checking out any of the locations. Be forewarned though, I often have unfriendly encounters with the staff there. It is a typical ‘hipster’ joint and most of the staff seem to almost always condescendingly, and sarcastically make my coffee. But they play good music, have great eats and the coffee really is that good.

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