Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Dorchester Staple That Is Not Violent: McKenna's

A Dorchester Staple That Is Not Violent: McKenna's
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For those of you reading our blog that are actually familiar with Boston its because you:

a. live here
b. used to live here
c. have visited Boston
d. Really enjoyed the movie "The Departed" and decided to spend a good deal of time on Wikipedia learning about the city of Boston

Well if any of these are applicable to you then you know a little about the neighborhoods that make up this wonderful town. My next review takes place in a neighborhood that doesn't have the best reputation in Boston, Dorchester.  Warmly known as "The Dot" by Dorchester residents, it's been known for a little less warm and fuzzy things like shootings, assaults, robberies etc.  But Dorchester is a such an integral part of Boston and although some parts of the neighborhood do live up to the dangerous reputation it has, the Dot has it's charm and areas that are non-stabby.

(This is my friend, Laura. She was visiting me from Texas and was making that face because she didn't want me taking her picture, not because she doesn't like McKenna's. She actually loved this little diner)

McKenna's Veggie Burger

Located on the corner of Savin Hill and Sydney Street this little breakfast/lunch place may only be open in the mornings and afternoons but the cafe is always bustling with hungry customers.
Although I'm one of their regulars I'm usually just stopping by to grab a coffee, but every now and then I actually (thankfully!) take the time to sit down and enjoy some of their menu items and their cozy environment.

Even though their waffles make me consider taking out additional student loans just so I can afford to eat them for every meal and then subsequently pay for a personal trainer to work them off, this blog is about sandwiches so I'll turn my ramblings over to their veggie burger which is essentially a sandwich now, eh?

Served on a toasted bulkie roll, I get my veggie burger with a lettuce, tomatoes, melted provolone, ketchup and mayo (because its the best condiment, people!!!).  The veggie patty itself isn't the grey, rubbery faux meat some places try to sell to poor vegetarians, this one is a light shade of brown and includes actual visible shredded vegetables in the patty.  Although this isn't the best veggie burger I've ever had, that honour goes to Mother's back in Austin, it's still my go to menu item at McKenna's and I'm consistently left satisfied.  The bulkie roll is always soft, yet crunchy on the outside, the vegetables are never wilted, and McKenna's is always generous with the cheese (which is a huge deal to me).  But I do warn you, dear readers, it's a pretty messy food item to eat, so perhaps reconsider the condiments, or slippery vegetables if you're on a date, or trying to impress someone.  Thankfully, I've given up on trying to appear graceful or put together so ketchup running down my arm is no big deal. Oh!  It also comes with a side of coleslaw or potato salad. Trust me- go with the potato salad.

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