Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Veggies are not just for rabbits!

Today we have a guest blogger contributing, my husband, Erik Wormwood.  Erik and I frequently go to Pizzi Farm, as it is right up the street from my work in Waltham.  Here is his take on the Italian sandwich:

Hey dudes!!!

Pizzi Farm is great joint for sandwiches.  If you haven’t been it is probably because it’s a bit off the beaten path for the city dweller.  I think its in Waltham or something.  This place caters to the lunch business crowd in the area.  Let me tell you, this place is worth the trip.  When you walk in, there are autographs of 2 of the nameless fat guys from The Sopranos, so you know it must be pretty good.

Often, the wife and I will share two sandwiches.  This is usually a great move, because there are lots of delicious sandwiches here to choose from.  Unfortunately, my wife has boring taste a lot of the time.  So when she tells me she is getting the boringest sandwich on the menu (chicken pesto), I usually get the Italian sandwich. 

To start, the Italian sandwich comes on some of the tastiest scali bread I’ve ever had.  The bread is crispy on the outside, and you can taste the baked sesame seeds.  So dope.   As you move to the center of the sandwich, the scali bread is pillowy in the middle.  Perfect.  

Let’s move to the interior.  The vegatables on this sub make the sandwich what it is.  I know many of the Yay Pickle panelists are rabbits(vegetarians).  I would recommend that all of you rabbits try this sandwich regardless.  The 5-6 slices of italian meats are super, don’t get me wrong, but more importantly the veggies are sweet, tangy, and crunchy.  This is the bread and butter of the sandwich.  The provolone cheese adds some nutty undertones to the whole thing.  I would recommend adding hot peppers for some additional sour, vinegary crunch. 

Every sandwich is only complete with a crunchy pickle or chips.  I came across the perfect combination of both at Pizzi Farm to compliment my sandwich: Deep River New York Spicy Dill Pickle chips rule. 

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