Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Lady Café Special isn’t just for ladies or lady boys.

Brought to you by: Al’s State Street Café
Written by: Michelle AKA the Canadian Club

 The Lady Cafe Special:
Fresh mozzarella, sweet plum tomatoes and hearty basil, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on French bread.

This sandwich made me rethink my stance on Mitt Romney. Rich, soulless things can’t all be evil; they can also be delicious. Oh snap, things just got political.

Let’s get back to sandwiches though.

For starters, how about we take a minute and analyze the bread situation: A 10-inch French roll with a crisp, crunchy crust and an ever so slightly chewy inside fresh from the oven. Even if the sandwich stopped at this point, I’d consider this a pretty successful lunch endeavor. Thankfully, it kept going.

The mozzarella, tomatoes and basil were all definitely fresh ingredients, and the employee making my sandwich did not skimp on the cheese. This makes him a wonderful employee, person and soul. This also makes for a great sandwich and gave me the opportunity to really taste the rich quality of cheese I was getting. This was not the rubbery mozzarella some places try to pawn off on poor, unsuspecting patrons; this was the cheese the little, old Italian grandmother picks up from the deli owned by the neighborhood eccentric and tells her grandchildren this is what you would find in the old country. You know, back in Qatar.

Price: For a 10 inch sub, a little bag of chips and a 591ml soda (Yeah, that’s right, 591ml. I don’t do ounces) it’ll run you about $7.50.  The sandwich is definitely pretty filling, so you can always eat half and easily save the rest for another meal or snack. I eat the entire sandwich in one sitting because:

-I skip breakfast
-I have no self-restraint
-I have no qualms about putting myself into food coma for the rest of the day
-I often wear materials with spandex in them

Bottom Line: Eat this sandwich. If you’re looking to add something that used to have a face, word on the street is this sandwich plus prosciutto leaves a meat-eater pretty satisfied.

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